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1st EFSA Technical Group on pesticides – IUCLID pilot

The 1 st “EFSA Technical Group on PESTICIDES IUCLID – Pilot” took place in Parma on 6&7 th November 2019. The technical group foresees the participation of all relevant actors in order to test the feasibility and usability of the IUCLID modules for PE ...

06 November 2019 to 07 November 2019
Parma, Italy

EU Datathon 2018

Data_image.jpg The Publications Office has launched with its partners (the ELI Task Force, the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the European Food Safety Authority) the EU Datathon 2018. Its purpose is to hig ...

02 Oktober 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Technical hearing on the Genotoxicity assessment of chemical mixtures

Background Human and ecological risk assessment of combined exposure to multiple chemicals (‘chemical mixtures’) poses a number of challenges to scientists, risk assessors and risk managers, particularly because of the complexity of the problem formulatio ...

27 September 2018
Brussels, Belgium

EFSA vergibt erstmals Innovationspreis

Programm und Dokumente Die EFSA hat die Sieger ihres erstmals ausgeschriebenen Innovationspreises bekannt gegeben – ein Hackathon-Wettbewerb, bei dem Entwickler und Designer aus ganz Europa aufgerufen waren, eine App zu entwerfen, um den Zugang zu den Arb ...